16. November 2019 gstroh

INSIDE DFI // Arbeiten aus dem Kurs Digital Product Innovation

Erste tolle Ergebnisse aus dem Kurs Digital Product Innovation bei unserem Dozent Alexander Meinhardt (

Concept :

We all want to get fresh on a budget but the majority of us won’t spend their entire paycheck on expensive clothing.

But: There are deals. And the overall population is inspired anyway by fashionistas on social networks like instagram, who are (rocking high end fashion while) advertising brands and giving away coupons.

Never miss a influencer deal! What if there is an application that tracks social media offers and coupons of high end street wear—based on individual taste—and also lets us trade individual credits with other users.

Users choose their favorite influencers and brand(s) and then the in-app-built search engine willl notify about the best deals. If users receive credits buying items they can be stored in the app and easily traded or sold.

– Lenard Williams 


Lida Medzech & Lenard Williams: GOOD JOB!