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3. März 2022 Lorenz
DFI TALK  // Interview with Brice and Guillaume // Exchange Students

From the Brassart in France to Hamburg and the DFI. Our new exchange students for the summer semester just arrived and Ida took the opportunity to do a quick first Interview to get to know them a little better. So today we want to introduce you to Brice and Guillaume:

Brice Parain

Guillaume Aigouy

Hey! We’re Guillaume, 21 and Brice, 19 from France 🙂

What kind of Design do you guys focus on the most?

Guillaume: I usually focus on 3D design and Motion design. These are my favorite parts of design so far 🙂 I also like creating logos and graphic guide lines.

Brice: I really want to discover new visions, work and culture. I love print and illustrations. They’re very impressive to me.

Where in France do you come from, what is it like there?

Guillaume: I live in a city named Grenoble, in the French Alps, in the east of France. This city is stuck between 3 massive mountains, which offers very good mountain activities like climb, ski, hiking… Grenoble people are said to be very sportive and nature-attracted, which is not my case, I love ski when the winter comes, but I rather be at home chilling 🙂

Brice: I also come from Grenoble, It’s a beautiful city with a high mountain around. the landscape is very specific. It’s a sportive city with a lot of possibilities like climbing, biking, skiing… And a big culture for food „raclette“ , „gratin dauphinois“ and many others things …

What made you decide  to become an exchange student?

Guillaume: I’m in fond of travels, I already travelled in Australia for 6 months and it was such an incredible experience, I love to meet new people with different mindsets, different cultures, different stories and backgrounds. I’m also not that bad in English (but I just know a few words in German for now), so move to another country just seemed to be a good opportunity to me.

Brice: Travelling is very important to me, see new land and new people. I do the exchange as an evidence for me.

Why did you choose the Design Factory International?

Brice: I came two times in Germany and the both are very quickly so this time i really want to stay for studying and meet new personalities. Im very interested in the german culture as well.

Guillaume: I had to choose between 3 countries (Spain, Belgium and Germany), and then in many more schools. I chose Germany due to its graphic influence mainly, and then because I never went to Germany, so I decided to discover the more things I could. About the DFI, I decided to come here because Hamburg is said to be a cultural city, very creative, and DFI was such a very good school to open my mind and work differently. My friend Brice and I decided together, we were both attracted in this school, and we are sooo happy about our choice so far, thanks you for your welcome and your smiles!

What are you most excited about now?

Guillaume: The big thing is to discover the culture, like food, music, nightlife, mainly how people live and think. I want to experience their point of view etc, and the surroundings of Hamburg.

Brice: Start a class and the projects, meet classmates and I really want to see how they work here. I understand very quickly it’s gonna be very different from french.

Which expectations do you have for your studying time here?

Brice: I don’t have a lot of expectations, i prefer to be surprised with the time!

Guillaume: I think I’m excited about working in a different way, with a different approach of design.
This fresh waves of new influences, new people, seems very great to me.

What is the first thing you noticed about being in Germany?

Guillaume: The very first thing I noticed was these red bricks on every single building, it’s interesting how this cliche is true 😉 So yes, the architecture.

Brice: All is very spacious and big, the food is very low in price. A lot of building was made with brick, that’s a peculiarity from Germany.

Have you had any surprises already?

Guillaume: About surprises, I already had a lot ! Thanks to the fact that I didn’t know anything about Germany, I’m always surprised ! Your way of life is not that opposite than the french one, but its different in several points, and every hour I discover a new tradition, a new meal, a new way of thinking, and I love this period when I try to understand what seems strange or choking to me, why, and makes me more and more humble and grateful of the chance I have.

Brice: For me the big surprise it’s the school. It’s like a big open space with a lot of area for chilling and working peaceful, the atmosphere is soo cool!
I really love it and want to start this semester soon!

Merci beaucoup Brice et Guillaume pour cette super interview!


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Interviewed by Ida-Erika Gencheva, Fotos von Lorenz Staffeldt.

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